The Craft Beer Co., Covent Garden, 10/5/14

So, today while on tour in London, we happened to find ourselves on the edge of a rain shower next to a pub on Shaftesbury Avenue that we didn’t recognise.  Upon dodging the rain, and after sharing a half pint of Scarlet Chimpernel by Blue Monkey Brewery, we enquired as to how long The Craft Beer Co. had been open only to find out it opened at noon yesterday!  This was an amazing stroke of luck (and means this is probably one of the first reviews of this pub), and we celebrated the discovery by perusing the 15 hand pull ales, 43 keg beers and ciders and countless bottled beers on offer!  AR had a half of Lilley’s Bee Sting, which is a honey flavoured perry and is deceptively drinkable at 7.5%, while MJ opted for a half of the Bearded Lady (appropriate on this Eurovision day) Pedro Ximenez Barrel by Magic Rock, which weighing in at 11% was a delightfully chewy imperial stout.  The pub itself was pleasantly decorated, and was actually one of the quietest pubs we’ve seen in London, although that will no doubt change once word of it gets around.  Unfortunately we didn’t have chance to try any more of their selection of drinks, including an impressive array of whiskies, but watch this space for a further review next time we’re in London…



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